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Ideal information technology is your measurable value.

IT is essential for the management of data, knowledge, information and transactions in order to initiate all business processes. In many organisations, IT is the fundamental basis for controlling business units and ensuring growth. The added value of technology is widely recognised. It is now time to eliminate risks.

The challenges:

  • The IT strategy must correspond to the business strategy
  • The corporate strategy and goals must be pursued by your IT
  • Information technology demands an organisational form with a strategy and goals
  • IT controlling is the key to ensuring a high degree of measurability

These top management challenges must be actively supported by the management team. We offer you bespoke solutions.

IT strategy

Oparium supports the assessment of your IT strategy in terms of supporting the corporate strategy. Our consultants, who have gleaned extensive experience as the CIOs of renowned companies, identify potentials for improvement and provide you with the required support for tactical planning and project initiation.

IT controlling

Only meaningful key performance indicators, processed in validated, comprehensive score card systems, reflect the actual status of the company. Oparium analyses the specific requirements placed on a key performance indicator system, develops respective key performance indicator systems, reviews existing finance management systems and implements business performance systems.

Sourcing processes

How can necessary procedures be realised effectively, cost efficiently and flexibly? Outtasking, outsourcing, the development of shared service centres, cooperation – the needs determine the measures. Precise cost advantages are presented, as well as influences on processes, procedures and supporting systems.

Service transition and transformation

Many of our consultants can boast extensive experience in both migrating and transforming sourcing models. This experience ranges from transitions in smaller organisations to large-scale international projects that involved 100,000 users and more. Oparium can provide you with the high level skills you need in this field.

IT processes and service management

Successful companies are supported by a business-oriented IT system.
How are the business requirements placed on IT formulated and documented?
How much influence does IT have on business decisions?
How can an IT system be more efficient and effective?

Oparium puts all the facts on the table, acts as a moderator in the relationship between different business units and the IT department and plans the IT architecture.

We will gladly send you relevant documents!

Organisation of licence management during a carve-out

Sector: Energy, Germany

The carve-out for a group of companies led to the re-organisation of licence management and the separation of all existing licences with an emphasis on SAP IS-U, SAP CRM, OpenText and special applications from the field of energy business. For any licences which could not be transferred, corresponding models were negotiated with possible software suppliers and the purchasing department provided with the required support. All the business processes specifically related to asset and licence management were analysed and expanded.


Further key points were:

  • Providing operational and organisational advice in the area of licence management organization
  • Defining the scope of the required licences Clarifying the respective contractual situation and further professional requirements
  • Organising the supply structures and possible transfer scenarios for all the assets and licences
  • Supporting the purchasing department during the acquisition and re-acquisition of licences and maintenance agreements
  • Checking and expanding all the service processes

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Management of RFP processes for complete outsourcing

Sector: Finance, Ireland

As a result of the terms of the euro rescue fund, the client's company group sought to sell its Irish subsidiary. Besides the pending sale of the subsidiary, the infrastructure outsourcing contract was about to expire. The sale also resulted in the loss of the application services previously provided by the subsidiary.

Oparium supported the Irish subsidiary during this process. The brief for the IT management team was to carry out a cost-oriented, result-focussed RFP and selection process based on the TPI methodology.

During the tendering process, respective bidder meetings (Q&As; yellow pad/ solution validation; bidder presentations) were planned, assigned and executed. The team also conducted financial assessments of the offers, assessed both the risks and the bidders, and created corresponding board presentations. The scope of duties was complemented with general project management and PMO tasks.

In parallel with the negotiations, an external service provider received project auditing support which contributed to a positive overall result. Bringing all the project documents together and subsequently presenting them to the client marked the conclusion of the project.


Summary of the key points:

  • Analysing the actual services and processes
  • Establishing future requirements, taking into account the statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Preparing the tendering documents according to the TPI methodology
  • Designing a target plan for future service and migration costs
  • Creating the blueprint for future structural and process organization

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Organisation of an European shared service centre

Sector: Automotive, Germany

The size of the client's corporate group grew rapidly due to acquisitions. Unfortunately, this left no time for harmonising and standardising the IT in Europe.

During the initial phase, Oparium prepared a target concept and initiated a task force to discuss the technical and organisational requirements, cost structures and basic parameters with the local management team. Once all the necessary information had been gathered, the target concept was adapted accordingly and presented to the group's executive board and the regional management boards for their approval.

After preparing a corresponding key plan, Oparium developed the concept for the realisation together with respective organisation, service process and governance models for a shared service centre which combines the IT activities of 100 branches from South Africa to Sweden. The respective technical design and implementation process was developed and implemented by Oparium.

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Developing an IT strategy and preparing for outsourcing

Sector: Healthcare, Germany

Our client had already outsourced its IT operations to an external service provider. However, the client was unhappy with the provided service quality, flexibility, processes and customer care.

Oparium analysed the technical requirements, compared them to the global IT strategy and developed a target concept that took the day-to-day business demands into account while supporting the company's long-term strategy.

Furthermore, Oparium developed a governance model to derive maximum reward from an outsourcing relationship and a sourcing model which, besides appointing an external service provider, included the foundation of a service company.

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