Lessons learned

Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic

In the past 20 years, business-critical events have been repeated regularly. Examples of crises are acts of terrorism (9/11), pandemics (SARS, bird flu, corona) or severe weather.

Use the experience to optimize yourself in a situation like the current crisis and to create more positive starting conditions for the next crisis. Our developed crisis management systems have all successfully started up with our customers in the last 3 weeks.

Our task for companies is to set up a crisis management system.

With the help of a corporate crisis analysis carried out by Oparium, your current business processes are analyzed and weak points or critical points of attack are identified, analyzed and improved. In addition to critical scenarios, Oparium looks at your internal organizational specifics and creates a crisis concept that prevents, reduces or even prevents failure rates and business interruptions. This not only minimizes the potential risks of business failures in times of crisis, but also eliminates them.

Key questions that are created and analyzed in the systematic corporate crisis analysis are:

  • How is the company prepared for crisis suitability, both strategically and operationally?
  • What happens if processes fail?
  • How can it be ensured that processes can be carried out without errors?
  • Where does it have to be started so that with minimal effort, crises do not affect your company process and thus there are no negative effects?
  • What effects do crisis scenarios have in the short, medium and long term in the event of a crisis?
  • Which safety precautions can be taken in advance so that processes in event X are not affected?

Oparium supports you in:

  • Development and implementation of a corporate crisis analysis
  • Development and deployment of a crisis management team and staff
  • Development of a (prevention) crisis concept including security solutions
  • Evaluation and documentation of (emerging) crises
  • Identification and development of the need for optimization strategically and operationally
  • Development of alternative options for failure scenarios in crises based on a corporate crisis analysis or a case study workshop
  • Agreement and implementation of the defined security measures
  • Execution of fall exercises, training

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And … stay healthy and your company successful!