Development of sales and marketing strategy

Sector: SAP consulting- and hosting services, German and U.S.A.

As many of the Oparium staff members have been at home in the SAP market since the end of the 1990s, Oparium boasts a wealth of expertise and knowledge under one roof.

At the start of the project, Oparium analysed the previous successful sales strategies, the factors that had led to a stagnation of orders and the sales methodology.

Using this analysis, Oparium identified the potentials for expansion in the respective key markets and customer segments and set out a clear vision for growth.

Once the client had approved the vision, Oparium restructured the sales team, introduced a new sales process, further developed daily tasks with the CRM system and outsourced telemarketing to an external service provider. Sales staff in the area of “value sellings” received on-the-job training and support in real-life sales situations.

Marketing was adapted to the new target customers and higher emphasis was placed on international customers. Targeted trade fair participation supported the telemarketing activities.

Revision of market positioning and the sales model

Section: Fashion, the Netherlands

In order to ensure its success was not just a ‘flash in the pan’, our client was looking for new distribution channels and answers to the question of how customer potential could be further unlocked while retaining the uniqueness of its products.

Oparium helped with the search and organisation of international indirect sales and enhanced the direct sales process. In parallel to this, Oparium managed the adjustment process, coming up with ideas of how the products could cater to a larger customer base and which changes this would lead to in the sales process.

Competition analysis and developing a sales strategy

Sector: Software products, Germany

Due to its extensive experience in the US market and active sales with US clients, Oparium analysed the US market in terms of competition, service portfolio, market opportunities and sales approaches.

The analysis results indicated how the portfolio would have to be complemented and extended to satisfy the needs of the US market and how high the expected potential sales volume might be. Besides the general technical conditions, the company’s marketing and the go-to-market positioning were examined and adapted to the US market.

The project finished with the instruction of the US sales team and subsequent coaching sessions in order to turn the revised go-to-market positioning into reality.


Digitization of software updates in the area of ​​industrial robots

Sector: Mechanical Engineering. Germany

The international customer supplies industrial robots for the semiconductor industry. The software for the control of industrial robots was replaced by a newer software version every 6 months. The development locations were Germany and the USA, the software images were manufactured in France, the packaging in Germany with subsequent worldwide shipping. The process was slow and prone to errors, especially since customer master data was often incorrect in the national companies. Long terms and high delivery rates led to high customer dissatisfaction.

Oparium optimized the original process by fetching software imaging to Germany. Furthermore, production and logistics routes as well as main sources of error were analyzed and changed. In addition, central data marts for customer master data and order data were created, the query surface was designed variably and fully electronic manufacturing processes with decentralized production and logistics processes were introduced. The challenge was to win 42 national companies for this project, to allow necessary access and additional work and to control the development of the data marts and ETL processes.

The measures proposed by Oparium reduced the time-to-customer from 3-5 months to 3 weeks and the error rate from over 30% to less than 1%. Ultimately, a 40% cost reduction was achieved.

Optimization of guarantee processing

Sector: Consumer Goods. Germany

(Deutsch) Weiterentwicklung IT Organisation und Prozesse

(Deutsch) Branche: Handel. Deutschland

The customer manufactures tools for DIY stores and specialist companies and sells them indirectly with a worldwide distribution network. The customer only maintains B2B relationships.

The original task was to optimize internal processes in the areas of purchasing, finance and IT in a cost-conscious manner. In detailed discussions, it was found out that costs for warranty claims had increased massively in recent years. It also turned out that there was no feedback on the causes of the warranty cases for product development. Development processes and the associated error / complaint management were also analyzed. The Oparium determined that there was no data on warranty cases (neither technically nor commercially), which is why the development process does not optimize the KVP and the product.

In close cooperation, a web interface was created with a database for registering the warranty cases, analysis tools for data were set up, reports on error susceptibility and for geographical customer analysis for targeted marketing were introduced. The aim was to convince the B2B partners to optimize warranty processing and to get the funds approved by the management.

With the support of Oparium, a return channel and thus transparency of the warranty cases could be created, the product development processes improved and costs in the area of ​​development and warranty reduced.